Snoring may seem like a common sleep disruptive problem in every other household, but did you know that multiple research studies have revealed a positive correlation between loud snoring and risks of brain damage and heart attack? In some cases, noisy breathing alternates with ‘sleepapnea’ or temporary cessation of breathing in a person. Our premium product Snorapnea made of natural, aromatic ingredients aids in smooth airflow through your nasal passage and prevents snoring.


Causes of Snoring

Modern research reveals snoring to often have more than one cause. These include the many factors that lead to nasal blockage such as nasal allergy or deformities of the nasal septum and other internal nasal structures. This nasal blockage can contribute to poor nasal airflow and lead to snoring. Other factors which may influence snoring are obesity, lack of fitness or aging and associated loss of general muscle tone, congestion of the throat due to heartburn, alcohol intake and smoking.


Snorapnea tablets impact DugenixImpact

  •  Sleep deprivation to snorers and those around them
  •   Day-time drowsiness, irritability, lack of focus and decreased libido
  •   Multiple studies reveal a positive correlation between loud snoring and risk of heart attack and stroke
  •   Snorers can sometimes suffer severe impairment of lifestyle
  •   New studies associate loud snoring with the development of carotid artery atherosclerosis, the risk of brain damage and stroke



Bilva Snorapnea Ingredients Dugenix


  • Better vascularity, healthier granulation tissue.
  • Increases the availability of oxygen.
  • Increases synthesis and strength of Collagen


  • Faster healing





Sunthi Snorapnea Ingredients DugenixAction

  • Significant anti-bacterial, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activities complimenting wound healing process.
  • Extract of leaves significantly promotes the wound healing process.
  • Increases tensile strength of the healing tissue significantly


  • Anti microbial coverFaster healing




Yashtimadhu Snorapnea Ingredients DugenixAction

  • Glycyrrhizin, an active ingredient of licorice was able to increase interleukin 2 which is essential for wound healing.
  • It has been shown that licorice may promote the production of mRNA and new proteins which are involved in the process of wound healing


  • Faster healing

Additional Information

Why snorapnea

  • All aromatic compounds present in Snorapnea exert their action on uvula and soft palate and ensure smooth airflow
  • Opens the throat, repositions the tensed jaw, softens the fat in and around throat
  • Clears the obstruction in nasal pathway, relaxing throat muscles
  • Keeps cleft, palate, enlarged adenoids and other physical attributes intact
  • Combats nasal and sinus problems
  • Clears blocked airways
  • Clears vacuum in the throat


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