Our product Wundrez is a combination therapy of cream and powder made of an innovative herbal base and treated with Gamma irradiation process. Not only does it hasten the healing process but also significantly reduces your financial burden.

With varied etiologic origins like diabetic foot, pressure sores, malignant or venous ulcers, this can be a pressing cause for lifelong misery without an appropriate treatment plan.


  •    Burns, surgical wounds
  •    Ulcers, abrasions, bleeding injuries
  •    Chronic non-healing ulcers/ wounds
  •    Diabetic wounds
  •    Bed/ Pressure sores
  •    Malignant wounds/ ulcers
  •    Eczema
  •    Psoriasis
  •    Skin infections
  •    Exudating /weeping wounds
Why Wundrez:
    •    Augments overall healing process of a wound or ulcer
    •    Absorbs exudate, the fluid produced by a wound as it heals
    •    Reduces oedema or fluid retention in the body’s tissues
    •    Provides relief from cellulitis, a common but painful bacterial skin infection
    •    Aids in stopping bleeding from injuries
    •    Overcomes factors of delayed wound healing
    •    Helps in manufacturing cost effective medicines
    •    Painless dressing removal
    •    Reduces the frequency of dressings- once in 3-4 days
    •    Overcomes resistance to antimicrobials

Directions for Use:


Wundrez directions for use 1







Aloe Barbendis Wundrez Ingredients Dugenix


  • Better vascularity, healthier granulation tissue.
  • Increases the availability of oxygen.
  • Increases synthesis and strength of Collagen


  • Faster healing




Azadirachta Wundrez Ingredients DugenixAction

  • Significant anti-bacterial, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activities complimenting wound healing process.
  • Extract of leaves significantly promotes the wound healing process.
  • Increases tensile strength of the healing tissue significantly


  • Anti microbial coverFaster healing





Glycyrrhiza glabra Wundrez Ingredients DugenixAction

  • Glycyrrhizin, an active ingredient of licorice was able to increase interleukin 2 which is essential for wound healing.
  • It has been shown that licorice may promote the production of mRNA and new proteins which are involved in the process of wound healing


  • Faster healing




Rubia cordifolia Wundrez Ingredients DugenixAction

  • Increases blood vessel formation and enhances proliferation of cells
  • Prevents infection that leads to high risk of sepsis


  • Removes foul smell Prevents sepsis






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