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Colostrum is a nutrient-rich biological fluid that boosts your overall immunity, helps fight infections, and improves gut health throughout your adult life. The health benefits of colostrum are primarily linked to certain protein compounds.

This includes antibodies, growth factors, and lactoferrin. It is also known to boost immunity, aid in healing injuries, repair nervous system damage, treat infections, besides several other benefits.

Our health supplement Dulactrum Ig contains Colostrum 500mg in one caplet and plays a significant role in upkeeping a healthy immune system, promote growth and repair muscle wear and tear.


Dulactrum IG benefits DugenixBenefits

  • Optimizes immune system function
  •  Combats harmful bacterial and viral infections
  •  Skin and muscle rejuvenation
  •  Smoothens joint and cartilage function
  •  Helps to burn fat and build lean muscle mass
  •  Natural mood enhancer
  •  Maintains healthy intestinal flora
  •  Increases stamina
  •  Accelerates healing of injury or trauma
  •  Improves nutrient absorption
  •  Maintains optimal blood sugar levels


  •  Heart Diseases
  •  Cancer
  •  Open Wounds
  •  As Antibodies
  •  Weight Loss
  •  Gingivitis
  •  Arthritis

It can be given to Athletes, Pregnant and Infants.



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